Jigsaw pieces


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Each Jigsaw embellishment is 9x12cm and are fully interlocking. A double, triple and quad top piece is available to hang several columns for larger families.

Cut from 3mm MDF or 4mm Birch Ply ready to paint, stain or leave plain.

Please state clearly engraving required on each jigsaw piece in the box provided. The more text you require the smaller the text will be.

If you don’t require holes then please let us know

Additional information

Engraving required?

Engraved pieces, Plain pieces


MDF, Birch Ply

Number of pieces

1 standard piece, 2 standard pieces, 3 standard pieces, 4 standard pieces, 5 standard pieces, 6 standard pieces, 7 standard pieces, 8 standard pieces, 9 standard pieces, 10 standard pieces, 1 double piece, 1 triple piece, 1 quad piece, 1 pent piece(5)