Curvy Drop Box


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A slim curvy Wedding Drop Box to be used as an alternative guest book. This Drop Box is available in MDF or in Birch and is approx 60cm tall.

There is a slot at the top for the hearts to be dropped in and a cover is provided for when it is complete to seal it. Clear acrylic is provided rather than glass which makes it easier to package and post to your customers. The acrylic is removable.

Two 60mm hearts can be engraved free of charge to go inside the frame. The top or the bottom of the frame can be engraved rather than having engraved hearts.

The hearts to drop in are available in different pack sizes. If you are having two engraved hearts inside the drop box, the frame will not hold the full amount of hearts. ie the 100 heart pack will hold 100 hearts with one 60mm engraved heart inside. The frame will hold approx 97 hearts with two engraved hearts.

For the 40 heart pack, each heart measures 47mm
For the 60 heart pack, each heart measures 40mm
For the 80 heart pack, each heart measures 36mm
For the 100 heart pack, each heart measures 31mm
For the 120 heart pack, each heart measures 28mm

We recommend sanding and sealing this product with a sealant or lacquer. The hearts drop into the Birch frames much easier once they are sanded and smooth.

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100 Hearts pack, 120 Hearts Pack, 40 Heart Pack, 60 Hearts Pack, 80 Hearts Pack


MDF, Birch Ply