Double Heart Drop Box


60cm wide double heart Wedding Box.

There is a covered slot at the top of each heart to drop the token hearts in after your guests have signed them.

Two large hearts in the centre can be engraved with wording of your choice.

The acrylic is  not removable.

The frame is available with;
60 hearts (20 measuring 43mm and 40 measuring 47mm)
80 hearts (measuring 40mm)
100 hearts (measuring 36mm)
120 hearts (50 measuring 31mm and 70 measuring 36mm)
140 hearts (measuring 31mm)
We do provide a few extra hearts in each pack in case of errors when guests are signing them or for you to test various pens)

This frame is available in Wood veneer, MDF or Birch Ply.

*IF YOU REQUIRE THIS ITEM UNGLUED PLEASE LET US KNOW IN THE BOX PROVIDED – otherwise it will be sent glued and ready to use.

We recommend sanding and sealing this product with a sealant or lacquer. The hearts drop into the Birch frames much easier once they are sanded and smooth.

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MDF, Birch, wood veneer front, mdf hearts, wood veneer front, birch hearts


100 Hearts pack, 120 Hearts Pack, 140 Hearts Pack, 60 Hearts Pack, 80 Hearts Pack